In one of Stampy’s series, he and Squid played on a parkour map called “The Final Contestant.” I wanted to play on a parkour map too, but when I tried downloading “The Final Contestant”, the site told me that the file was meant for Minecraft of the XBox 360. I only had a PC, so I couldn’t play on it.

I downloaded a map called “Parkour School” in which you had to complete a very long parkour course. The map maker somehow restricted you from flying of breaking and placing blocks, even when in Creative and Survival modes. I got frustrated because I couldn’t get past a certain part of the map, so I gave up and deleted the map.

I decided that I would just build my own parkour course. I haven’t completely finished it yet, but I will show you some pictures of the rooms I have completed already.

Parkour Room 1

Parkour Room 2

Parkour Room 3


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