Googlie Spawns

I have been working on a new map for a while now called Googlie Spawns. ‘Googlie’ is the word Stampy uses when talking about hostile mobs. Anyway, in this map, there are several rooms with dispensers that spawn googlies when you flip a lever. The googlies spawned differ depending on what room you are in. The rooms are leveled from easiest to hardest (I tried to sort it that way, at least) and so far I have built six rooms.

I’m not going to take a picture of each room, but here are some photos I took of some of the rooms:

Googlie Spawns 1

Googlie Spawns 3

Main Room

Googlie Spawns 2

Level 1: Zombies

Level 3: Skeletons

Level 3: Skeletons


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