Sqaishey Doll

Today I finished making a handmade Sqaishey doll! I got the idea of making one from the many stuffed duck toys I saw at the toy store.

Here are the photos I took:

Sqaishey Doll 1

Sqaishey Doll 2

I used felt cloth for the body, wings, legs, and face. The wings and legs are attached to the body by buttons sewn into the back of it, so they can be adjusted and removed. I used an old cloth as stuffing (although later we found out that we had proper stuffing hidden away in a box).

I think that this doll is actually the first doll I made from scratch and of my own design. I didn’t make it completely by myself, though. My mom helped me with the hard parts like perfecting the details and showing me how to stitch them in. Big thanks to you, Mom!

I’m planning on making other dolls like this, but of other people like Stampy and Squid. If I do make other dolls, I’ll be sure to post it here.


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