Sqaishey’s Reply

Yesterday I blogged about the Sqaishey doll that I made. I asked my mom to post a photo of it on Sqaishey’s Facebook wall (using her account beacause I don’t have one) so that Sqaishey could see it. Today my mom showed me this:

Sqaishey's Reply

In the picture above, Sqaishey replied to the post saying “Woah, this is amazing.” I was so happy that she saw my work and that she even replied! When we looked at her Facebook wall, though, this is what we saw:

Sqaishey's Post

Sqaishey had created a post complimenting my “super cute Sqaishey Plushy Toy!” This made me even happier! This was the first time either Sqaishey, Stampy, or any Minecraft player and YouTuber had replied to the pictures we send them on Facebook.

I was so delighted that I had to share it on my blog. Sqaishey has inspired me to continue making my little crafts. A big, big thank you to Sqaishey!


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