Sad News

This morning when we woke up, we discovered that the kittens were gone. The box where they were was empty and even TC wasn’t here.

Mom and Dad think that TC hadn’t given birth in the house, but just brought the kittens in because it was raining. That explains why there wasn’t much of a mess when we discovered the litter and why the kittens were clean already. Since today it wasn’t rainy, we think that TC felt it was time to bring her babies back to wherever she feels safest (and without any humans constantly peering at her to see if she’s alright).

At first I was sad that TC had taken the kittens. Why would she go away if we had shelter and food for them? Mom said that maybe she just felt tense around us and wanted a more secret place to take care of her babies. Anyway, we can always feed her when she comes in the house for food.

TC did come back in the late afternoon. She looked fine and we fed her some of the sardines we usually feed Mow. I followed her when she went back out to see where she was hiding and saw her go into our neighbor’s yard. At least she lives close by and can easily visit us if she feels hungry.

Today was also the day I finished a crochet cat appliqué.  I like to think of it as a reminder of TC’s kittens. Lately I have been making so many little crochet projects. I’ll make a blog about them soon. I got the pattern from a site called Here is the link to the cat appliqué tutorial.

Crochet Cat Applique


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