Crochet Kitty Cat

A few days ago I made my second crochet amigurumi, this time of one of my favorite animals: cats! I found a pattern that I wanted to try at The tutorial for the chubby cat can be found here.

I know that my kitty for some reason has a bump on its face that looks like a snout, so it looks more like a pig than a cat. I tried to make a cat nose, but it still poked out like a snout. I used the same beads for the eyes as I used for my crochet star amigurumi, but I tilted them in a way so that you can’t see the black thread. I also added some eyelashes in an effort to make it more cat-like.

Here is my crochet kitty cat:

 Crochet Kitty Cat 1

Crochet Kitty Cat 2

Sorry that that first picture is a little blurry, the camera just didn’t want to focus.

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