Mystery Crochet Project

For the past few days I haven’t been posting any crocheting blogs. This is because I have been working on a brand new amigurumi! This mystery amigurumi is my biggest yet. I thought I’d use about four skeins of yarn but it turned out I only needed two skeins. Oh well, I can use the beautiful blue yarn for another project.

I’m not revealing what I’m making yet because I haven’t finished assembling it yet. But, I would like to show the unfinished project to you readers! Here is the picture I took of my mystery amigurumi:

Mystery Crochet Project

Yes, those are safety eyes in the top right corner! The package finally arrived, and I finally can make amigurumi with proper eyes! Thank you, Gantsilyo Guru!

Here is a poll so that you can vote what you think my newest crochet project is. This is also my very first poll in WordPress!


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