The Closest They’ll Ever Get to An Argument

Today is the third day of the kittens’ stay! TC and Aggie haven’t moved them out of the house yet. They are very hungry kitties — they don’t seem to ever be satisfied. I guess you’ll always be hungry when you have eight kittens to feed! Once I even saw them nursing four kittens each, so I guess each cat doesn’t really nurse eight kittens at once.

The kittens are very active now. They’ve begun walking around and meowing like crazy. TC is the one carrying them back to the rug when they’ve wandered too far from the litter. One kitten, a mini-TC, is really noisy. He (I have no idea whether it’s a boy or a girl, but I’ll call it a he for now) seems to be the most adventurous of the babies. He wobbles around, meowing and meowing until TC goes over to him, picks him up by the scruff of his neck, and places him back on the rug.

This lunchtime, TC started looking around in our storage room bringing the mini-TC in her mouth. She placed the kitten in a really hidden place surrounded by boxes, but we could peek at them through the gaps between containers. We thought that that was TC’s way of saying, “Shut up or we’ll leave you all alone here!”

A few moments later, though, Agatha came out from under the sofa (she seems a lot braver today compared to yesterday), went to where TC and the kitten were, picked mini-TC up, and carried him back under the sofa. TC then carried the kitten back to the storage room, followed by Aggie! Aggie eventually left the room along with TC, leaving the kitten alone in the maze of the boxes.

We cleared a path for the kitten to go out through, but he stayed in his place. Soon Agatha came back for mini-TC and carried him to the rest of the litter.

After that scenario, I’m guessing that TC and Aggie don’t really fight over the kittens, but just let the other cat do what they want to the babies, and then continue doing what they were doing. (Does that make any sense?) So I think this would be the closest they’ll ever get to an argument.

Here are my kitten update pictures:

Aggie, TC, and Kittens 1

Aggie, TC, and Kittens 2

Aggie, TC, and Kittens 3

Sorry about the weird angle on the third picture. It’s really hard to try to hold a flashlight in one hand and hold the camera in the other hand at the same time.


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