Three Weeks!

Today the kittens turn three weeks old! Well, we’re not sure whether they were born on the same day as the first day we saw them, but I’m still counting that day (January 28) as their birthday.

I’m still a little worried because a couple of the kittens still seem to have their eyes closed even though their eyes are supposed to open after about one week (says the Internet.) But most of them are already so active and noisy, which I suppose is good!

Agatha is getting less and less of a scaredy-cat. She still doesn’t let me touch her for long, but she is starting to come out from under the sofa and rub against our legs if she’s hungry. Hopefully she’ll get over her fear of us soon.

I don’t really have anything else to say. I just wanted to celebrate the kittens turning three weeks old. (Whoop whoop!) So, without further ado, here are the kitten update photos:

Three-Week Old Kittens 1

Three-Week Old Kittens 2

Three-Week Old Kittens 3

In the second and third picture, Aggie is lying down on a separate rug. I guess she was taking a break from parenthood. 😉


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