Spider Toaster

In Stampy and Sqaishey’s latest episode of Sky Den, they started building their “spioster.” (I think that’s how it’s spelled.) It’s basically a toaster with eight legs, so “spioster” is a mixture of “spider” and “toaster.” They built this for their Insect Island, even though they know that spiders aren’t technically insects.

Here is the Sky Den episode that I’m talking about:

I made my own version of their “spioster” in my Minecraft world. I used sandstone and brown wool to make the toast and wooden buttons for its eyes. The stone brick stairs kind of look like the spider’s jaws. Since it’s a toaster, I made it so that when you press one of its button eyes, bread pops out! Here are some photos:

Spider Toaster 1

Spider Toaster 2

Spider Toaster 3

The redstone lamps are supposed to look like the heated parts of the toaster.

Spider Toaster 4


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