(S)Cattered Kittens

Today the kittens turn one month old! They are very adventurous now, so we really have to watch where we step because they keep on crawling out from under the sofa and exploring. Even TC is starting to panic. I think the kitties are getting heavier and the mommies are having a hard time lifting them because instead of carrying them they just drag them across the floor.

Also, we have thought of names for almost all of them. Only three kittens are left unnamed. The names we chose are Stampy (mostly white with some orange spots), Kitktat (mini-TC), Heather (mostly gray with some white), Dot (mostly white with one black spot on his back), and Charlie (white and black with black parts on his face so that he looks like he has a mustache.)

Agatha is being a naughty kitty today. She keeps moving one of the kittens behind a big office table or into a storage room away from TC and the other babies. This gray kitten keeps meowing and meowing, trying to escape out into the open area. I think he wants to go back to TC and his brothers and sisters, but Aggie just keeps carrying him back to her hiding place. Hopefully soon she’ll realize that he just wants to be with TC and the others.

The kitties are growing up! This is so exciting even if I have had experience with Mow as a kitten. I guess this is different because this is one whole litter and they’re very young. Also, if you readers have any suggestions on what to name the remaining kittens (they’re mostly grey or black with white patches), feel free to comment. I’d love to hear what you think.

Here are the kitten update pictures:

Kittens After One Month 1

Kittens After One Month 2

Kittens After One Month 3

Kitkat is the mini-TC on the right.

Additional info: Dad gave me the idea for the title of this post. When I was talking about the “scattered kittens” he said to call them “cattered” because they’re cats. 😀


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