A Big Ball of Yarn

Last week my mom and I found a scarf made from a type of yarn we’ve never worked with before in a store. We think it might have been arm knitted. Anyway, we bought it so that we could unravel it so that we could use it for a crochet project! We suspect it to be super bulky wool yarn. It alternates between blue and white, making a sort of striped pattern. We were able to make it into a giant yarn ball! Here are a few pictures of the ball:

Yarn Ball 1

Yarn Ball 2

The only problem was: What were we going to make with it? I wanted it to be cat-related, like a bed for the kitties or a cat toy. Mom agreed to make a little cat bed! We used a pattern that was meant for a small basket, but because of the super bulky yarn, it turned out quite big. (Sorry, I don’t know where Mom got the pattern.) We placed it down for the kitties to use and waited. The kitties love it! Here are a couple of photos of the cat bed (and one picture of the kittens loving it!):

Crochet Cat Bed 1

Crochet Cat Bed 2

Cat Bed with Cats 1


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