The Kitten Massacre (Part One)

Several days ago, for no obvious reason, Aggie started moving the kittens out of the house. Soon TC began helping her until finally all eight of the kittens had been moved. Dad followed them and saw that they had moved to an old shed in our neighbor’s yard. He said that there was no need to worry because they had shelter under the shed. I was very disappointed because the cats had stayed here for so long that I thought that they had finally decided to stay here for good.

Our house happens to be right next to a creek. This creek is usually shallow and only overflows when there is a very strong storm. The day after the kitties moved house, James, our dog, was sitting next to the wall separating our house and the creek whining and looking very worried. I ignored it at first, but after some time of him staying in the same place I told Mom about him. When she looked over the wall she discovered Aggie and TC lying on the ground with several kittens. Now we know why James was whining.

I instantly knew that that was a bad move made by the mommies. Obviously the shed or our house would be safer for the babies. By the creek, there wasn’t any food or shelter (aside from a few branches and leaves of some plants). I had no idea why they would take the kittens there.

From time to time either TC or Aggie would come inside for food. They never brought a kitten with them, though. That is, until one day when I woke up, there were two kittens (Heather and Kitkat) inside! I was so happy because I thought that the mommies had started moving the kittens back. However, the looks Mom and Dad gave me suggested that the situation was worse than I thought.

Mom and Dad told me about how they had been woken up by Agatha moving Heather back in. They placed the kitten back outside but Aggie was insistent on getting Heather in. Soon Mom and Dad went to check on the kittens by the creek. They saw a horrifying scene.

Click here for part two.


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