The Kitten Massacre (Part Two)

(Continuation of The Kitten Massacre Part One.)

Cole, Blackhead, Line, (which was what we had named the last three kittens I mentioned in this blog) and Stampy were lying on the ground. All four of them bloody. All four of them dead.

 So where were the other four kittens and the mommies? Agatha was with Heather inside the house. That left only three kittens and TC missing. Dad spotted Kitkat across the creek, hanging on for dear life on the stone wall. Now, the whole time Mom and Dad were looking from our back yard. The wall was too high to jump, so there was no way to the creek. No way to poor Kitkat. That is, no way across from our yard.

The wall separating our subdivision and the creek stretched past our house. Dad searched for a place where the wall was low enough and the ground was high enough so that he could jump over safely. Once he got to the riverbed, he walked until he was opposite of Kitkat. He waded through the water, picked the kitty up, and handed her to Mom, who was waiting in our yard.

That story explained how the two kittens and Aggie got here. It also said that four beloved kittens were gone forever. And that left Charlie, Dot, and TC missing. We could only assume the worst — that whatever had killed the four kittens had gotten the three cats too.

We suspect that maybe an animal lurking in the creek waters had attacked the litter in their sleep. Some of them weren’t able to escape. It was a miracle that Kitkat was able to hang on to the wall for so long.

To make things short, Aggie and the two kittens stayed at home with us. Eventually TC came, legs caked with dried mud. She brought none of the babies with her. Aggie would come and go often, until one time she brought in her mouth little Charlie. Charlie had survived! We didn’t know how or where she found him, but we were very thankful that he was with his mother and siblings now.

That night we began hearing meowing coming from the creek. TC and Aggie would sit on the wall staring down, but they never jumped down to check on what was possibly the last of the four remaining kittens. We looked for a kitten on the riverbed but couldn’t see one. We left the mommies there hoping that one of them would eventually jump down.

The next morning we heard the tiny meows again. I looked over the wall, not very hopeful that I would see anything out of the ordinary. However, I did see a kitten — tiny Dot sitting close to the water meowing for her mother!

Again, Aggie and TC watched from above, too traumatized to jump. After a long time of waiting, Aggie finally jumped down and somehow scaled the tall wall with Dot in her mouth.

All the remaining kittens are now safe in our house with both mommy cats. They are very energetic and happy now. I don’t know if they even remember what happened a few days ago. I wonder if they still look for their other siblings. Hopefully Aggie and TC learned their lesson and won’t ever bring the kitties to the creek again.

Rest in peace, Stampy, Cole, Line, and Blackhead.


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