Ubi the Dragon

Quite a while ago I finished another crochet plushy: this time a little lavender dragon. I got the pattern from Ravelry (click here to go directly to where you can download the pattern). Instead of making it a rattle, like it said in the pattern, I just put stuffing in it to make it a plushy.

I didn’t know what to name him, because I don’t really know of any dragon names. Dad suggested to name him Ubi, because of his lavender color. “Ube” is a popular flavor of ice cream where we live (even though Dad is not a fan of its taste), and it happens to be purple. So I thought Ubi would be the perfect name for the newest addition to the crochet family.

Here are the photos of Ubi, my little dragon:

Ubi 1

Ubi 2

The misalignment of his muzzle will forever bug me.

Ubi 3

The assembling of the dragon was the hardest. The muzzle is not centered, which will always bug me. The spikes were a pain to sew in, as I (almost) always sewed them in slightly in the wrong place. Anyway, I think even with the wonky spikes and misaligned muzzle, Ubi looks great!


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