Spider Toaster

In Stampy and Sqaishey’s latest episode of Sky Den, they started building their “spioster.” (I think that’s how it’s spelled.) It’s basically a toaster with eight legs, so “spioster” is a mixture of “spider” and “toaster.” They built this for their Insect Island, even though they know that spiders aren’t technically insects.

Here is the Sky Den episode that I’m talking about:

I made my own version of their “spioster” in my Minecraft world. I used sandstone and brown wool to make the toast and wooden buttons for its eyes. The stone brick stairs kind of look like the spider’s jaws. Since it’s a toaster, I made it so that when you press one of its button eyes, bread pops out! Here are some photos:

Spider Toaster 1

Spider Toaster 2

Spider Toaster 3

The redstone lamps are supposed to look like the heated parts of the toaster.

Spider Toaster 4


Cobblestone Generator

In Stampy’s and Sqaishey’s Sky Den series, they made a cobblestone generator in such a way that the cobblestone wouldn’t be burnt by the lava. A piston would push out the cobblestone made, leaving space for the lava and water to mix, creating more cobblestone. The piston would stop pushing out blocks when the row of cobblestone was 13 blocks long.

Here is the video:

I made a similar contraption but changed the redstone a little bit to make the piston extend less often. I also used different materials to hold the lava and water. But aside from that, my generator is almost exactly the same as Stampy’s.

Here are the pictures:


Cobblestone Generator 1

Cobblestone Generator 2

Repeaters send the redstone signal along slowly and keep on repeating the loop


Cobblestone Generator 3

Cobblestone Generator 4

Hopper Experiment

A few days ago I tried to build a machine that would let you transport items to a chest on the surface if you’re down in a mine. In my example, I didn’t go down a mine but I think it will work regardless of whether you’re on the surface or underground.

I designed it so that a chest in a minecart would hold the items you wanted to transport. When you pressed a button, it would send the minecart whizzing to the surface where the track ended. Under the last rail is a hopper, which will pick up the items and then send the minecart back to you. However, the hopper can only pick up two items at a time, so if you want to send over two items, you have to send the minecart back to the hopper a few times.

Here are the photos:

Hopper Experiment 1

Hopper Experiment 2

Hopper Experiment 3

Hopper Experiment 4

Minecraft Kitties!

Yesterday I was able to tame three cats in a Creative world. To keep the ocelots from running away, I built an 8×8 block fenced in area (which I didn’t take a picture of). This let me tame the ocelots while keeping them from escaping so that I wouldn’t have to run after them.

Usually, when you tame ocelots, you can get different “breeds” of cats: striped orange (tabby), white with black paws and black parts at the end of the tail and on the back (Siamese), and black with white paws and a white part at the end of its tail (tuxedo). I was lucky and was able to get all three breeds!

Here are my three cats, Socks, Mow, and Mittens:

Cats 1

Cats 2

Cats 3

Cats 4

Sqaishey’s Songs

Just today I discovered that you can actually post videos from YouTube on WordPress! I think I’ll be using this very often now. Anyway, here are two videos I love. These are songs created by Sqaishey. She actually did all (well, most) of the music and sung the song!

Sqaishey made these videos to celebrate her getting 1,000 and then 50,000 subscribers. But as of today she has over 200,000 subscribers! A big, big congratulations to Sqaishey!

Hey, what a beautiful day!

Castle Tower

Some time ago I built a castle tower out of stone bricks. But I only built the tower and not any of the castle. I used stone slabs to build the spiral staircase. I also added some random cracked stone bricks in the walls and put some holes in the staircase. Here are the photos:

Tower 1

Tower 2

Tower 3

Tower 4


For this New Year’s, I would like to celebrate by setting off fireworks — in Minecraft! I crafted several colorful firework rockets and set them off. I know it would be better if I filmed it instead of taking pictures, but I still don’t know how to record videos as of right now. But I did my best to capture the moment on camera. (To see the fireworks more clearly, just click on the picture to enlarge it.) Here are the photos:

Fireworks-Blue Creeper

Fireworks-Red Star

Fireworks-Red, Yellow, and Blue Burst

Fireworks-Yellow Small Ball

And, my favorite:

Fireworks-Orange Large Ball

Advanced Happy New Year!

Pick the Lock

I know that I haven’t posted anything for a while. So, this Christmas, I decided to post another Creative mode Minecraft creation. This time I made a lock-picking device using pressure plates and fishing rods. (I saw this technique in one adventure map that Stampy and Squid played, but I forgot what it’s called.)

Pick The Lock 1

Pick the Lock 2

Pick the Lock 3

Pick the Lock 5

Pick the Lock 6

When you set off the first pressure plate with the fishing rod, a piston pushes a block to show the second pressure plate. Once you hit this second pressure plate, a piston will push out the block behind the plate. This block will destroy the redstone and make two pistons retract to reveal the doorway.

I decorated the room the doorway leads to in a Christmas theme. As a Christmas treat, Mojang made the chests look like presents. A single chest is red while a double chest is green. I used the chests as presents and ferns as mini-Christmas trees.

Pick the Lock 4

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Stampy Plushy

A few days ago I finished making a Stampy Cat plushy. I was not able to blog about it sooner because there was a storm here and our power was cut. Anyway, here are the photos:

Stampy Plushy 1

Satmpy Plushy 2

I made this with the same materials I used to make my Sqaishey plushy, except for the stuffing. Instead of using an old cloth, I used the proper stuffing that we found in a box.

I’m not sure if I’ll still make a Squid plushy, because we only have light blue but not dark blue felt, but if I do I’ll be sure to post it here.

Armor & Weapons Shop

Quite some time ago I built a small mushroom building but I didn’t know what to put in it. Now I’ve decided to make it an armor and weapons shop because recently Minecraft had an update which added armor stands. Armor stands let you display pieces armor the way it would look like on a player.

The rooms are very small, so I couldn’t really get a good picture of them, but here are the shots I took:

Armor Shop 1

Armor Shop 2

Armor Shop 3

Armor Shop 4

Armor Shop 5