New Crochet Project: Spring Bunny!

I have been having so much fun crocheting amigurumi lately. My newest crochet creation is another animal! (I really am an animal lover.) This time I made a cute little bunny! Well, it’s not done yet, I still need to sew the parts together and add the finishing touches. It’s also not that small. I think the pattern maker used really thin crochet thread (I’m not sure exactly what it’s called) so hers turned out smaller than mine.

I got the spring bunnies pattern from Here is the direct link to the tutorial. For my bunny, I think I’ll position the ears downwards to make it look girly.

Here is a photo of my unfinished bunny:

Spring Bunny


Vote For Stampy Cat!

Today Stampy posted on his Facebook page that he had been nominated for a kids choice award. He was nominated as “UK favorite tipster.” Apparently a tipster is someone who “gives tips, especially about the likely winner of a race or contest, and especially for a fee.” Stampy doesn’t give tips for a fee, does he? (I’m starting to think that a tipster is bad. Hmm.)

Here is the link to the voting site: Click here to go to the exact page where you can vote for Stampy Cat. There is also another Nickolodeon site where you can vote. I think the UK site is better, though, because you can choose to skip some questions while in the main site you have to anwser all of the questions. Here is the site I’m talking about:

Congratulations, Stampy Cat! Good luck!

Mr. Stampy Cat

Mystery Crochet Project Reveal: Blueberry!

In my previous crochet blog, Mystery Crochet Project, I showed you the unfinished project I was working on. I added a poll asking you readers to guess what amigurumi I was making. As of right now the poll has four votes, 50% of which are votes saying Bear (25% said Kitty, and the last 25% said Other.) Now I’ve decided to post about the big reveal.

What I crocheted was a little teddy bear! It measures about six inches tall (including the ears.) I think it took me about a week to finish it. I used a different sized hook from the one stated in the Milo Teddy Bear pattern, so my bear turned out bigger than the one the pattern maker made. I really like the sort of greenish-blue color of the yarn I used. Because of this color, my mom had an idea to name it Blueberry (because it’s a bear, and it’s blue.) Here are the photos of my completely finished Blueberry, in his cozy little white scarf:

Blueberry 1

Blueberry 2

Blueberry 3

Three Weeks!

Today the kittens turn three weeks old! Well, we’re not sure whether they were born on the same day as the first day we saw them, but I’m still counting that day (January 28) as their birthday.

I’m still a little worried because a couple of the kittens still seem to have their eyes closed even though their eyes are supposed to open after about one week (says the Internet.) But most of them are already so active and noisy, which I suppose is good!

Agatha is getting less and less of a scaredy-cat. She still doesn’t let me touch her for long, but she is starting to come out from under the sofa and rub against our legs if she’s hungry. Hopefully she’ll get over her fear of us soon.

I don’t really have anything else to say. I just wanted to celebrate the kittens turning three weeks old. (Whoop whoop!) So, without further ado, here are the kitten update photos:

Three-Week Old Kittens 1

Three-Week Old Kittens 2

Three-Week Old Kittens 3

In the second and third picture, Aggie is lying down on a separate rug. I guess she was taking a break from parenthood. 😉

The Closest They’ll Ever Get to An Argument

Today is the third day of the kittens’ stay! TC and Aggie haven’t moved them out of the house yet. They are very hungry kitties — they don’t seem to ever be satisfied. I guess you’ll always be hungry when you have eight kittens to feed! Once I even saw them nursing four kittens each, so I guess each cat doesn’t really nurse eight kittens at once.

The kittens are very active now. They’ve begun walking around and meowing like crazy. TC is the one carrying them back to the rug when they’ve wandered too far from the litter. One kitten, a mini-TC, is really noisy. He (I have no idea whether it’s a boy or a girl, but I’ll call it a he for now) seems to be the most adventurous of the babies. He wobbles around, meowing and meowing until TC goes over to him, picks him up by the scruff of his neck, and places him back on the rug.

This lunchtime, TC started looking around in our storage room bringing the mini-TC in her mouth. She placed the kitten in a really hidden place surrounded by boxes, but we could peek at them through the gaps between containers. We thought that that was TC’s way of saying, “Shut up or we’ll leave you all alone here!”

A few moments later, though, Agatha came out from under the sofa (she seems a lot braver today compared to yesterday), went to where TC and the kitten were, picked mini-TC up, and carried him back under the sofa. TC then carried the kitten back to the storage room, followed by Aggie! Aggie eventually left the room along with TC, leaving the kitten alone in the maze of the boxes.

We cleared a path for the kitten to go out through, but he stayed in his place. Soon Agatha came back for mini-TC and carried him to the rest of the litter.

After that scenario, I’m guessing that TC and Aggie don’t really fight over the kittens, but just let the other cat do what they want to the babies, and then continue doing what they were doing. (Does that make any sense?) So I think this would be the closest they’ll ever get to an argument.

Here are my kitten update pictures:

Aggie, TC, and Kittens 1

Aggie, TC, and Kittens 2

Aggie, TC, and Kittens 3

Sorry about the weird angle on the third picture. It’s really hard to try to hold a flashlight in one hand and hold the camera in the other hand at the same time.

The Kittens Are Back!

As I said in my previous kitten blog (Sad News), TC took her kittens away from our house once it stopped raining heavily. Well, this early morning was very rainy, and I woke up to the sound of a very high-pitched meow — too high-pitched to be Mow’s or even TC’s voice. When I got out of the bedroom I saw TC and one little grey kitten on a rug beneath our sofa.

I was so happy to know that TC had taken care of at least one of her babies. TC then got up and jumped out through the cat flap in the window. She soon came back carrying another kitten in her mouth. She did this several times, making a total of eight kittens on the rug! We didn’t even know she had so many kittens. We thought there were only three. I wondered how she could feed them all at once.

The eight kittens are mostly grey with some white parts on their legs. A couple are almost pure white except for some orange or grey spots on their head and back. One kitten stood out, though. It was black, not grey, with patches of white on its back.

The kittens have grown bigger since the last time we saw them. Some of them even have their eyes open already after two weeks. One grey baby was staring at us and watching us as we moved around the house.

I found this Wikipedia page very useful when learning about kittens. I’m just wondering why it’s already been two weeks yet some of the kittens haven’t opened their eyes yet. Maybe they’re just trying to sleep. I hope nothing’s wrong with them.

Here is a picture of TC’s eight babies (I wasn’t able to take a picture of TC and the kittens together):

The Kittens Are Back 1

Also, Mow saw the kittens but didn’t seem to care about them. Here he is, facing the opposite direction of the litter:

Mow Ignoring Kittens

These pages helped me to understand the development of kittens: (this site even has a program that can calculate your cat’s age in cat years!)


Agatha, another cat who we think is TC’s sister, came in this afternoon. She’s more of a scaredy-cat than TC is, so she just stood by the window for a while before jumping down and walking under the sofa towards the litter.

I thought that if those were TC’s babies, TC might get mad at Agatha (I call her Aggie). But they didn’t fight. Actually, they were sweet to each other. Aggie laid down next to the kittens, and TC seemed fine with it. Soon Aggie began nursing some of the kittens.

We think that TC only had three babies. Then Aggie might have given birth to another five. Maybe TC was taking care of both her and Agatha’s  kittens while Aggie was away. Later I noticed that the kittens Aggie were nursing were all either black and white or grey and white, just like Agatha’s grey and white fur.

Here is a photo of TC, Aggie, and their babies:

TC, Aggie, and the Kittens

Mystery Crochet Project

For the past few days I haven’t been posting any crocheting blogs. This is because I have been working on a brand new amigurumi! This mystery amigurumi is my biggest yet. I thought I’d use about four skeins of yarn but it turned out I only needed two skeins. Oh well, I can use the beautiful blue yarn for another project.

I’m not revealing what I’m making yet because I haven’t finished assembling it yet. But, I would like to show the unfinished project to you readers! Here is the picture I took of my mystery amigurumi:

Mystery Crochet Project

Yes, those are safety eyes in the top right corner! The package finally arrived, and I finally can make amigurumi with proper eyes! Thank you, Gantsilyo Guru!

Here is a poll so that you can vote what you think my newest crochet project is. This is also my very first poll in WordPress!

Crochet Owl Amigurumi

Recently I made my third crochet amigurumi, this time of a lovely little owl! I got the pattern from Here is the link to the tutorial for baby owl ornaments (you’ll have to download the pattern from Ravelry). I used black felt for the eyes instead of safety eyes because I (still!) don’t have any safety eyes. We’re just waiting for the package with the safety eyes we ordered to arrive.

Here are photos of my finished owl:

Crochet Owl 1

Crochet Owl 2

Crochet Kitty Cat

A few days ago I made my second crochet amigurumi, this time of one of my favorite animals: cats! I found a pattern that I wanted to try at The tutorial for the chubby cat can be found here.

I know that my kitty for some reason has a bump on its face that looks like a snout, so it looks more like a pig than a cat. I tried to make a cat nose, but it still poked out like a snout. I used the same beads for the eyes as I used for my crochet star amigurumi, but I tilted them in a way so that you can’t see the black thread. I also added some eyelashes in an effort to make it more cat-like.

Here is my crochet kitty cat:

 Crochet Kitty Cat 1

Crochet Kitty Cat 2

Sorry that that first picture is a little blurry, the camera just didn’t want to focus.

Crochet Hooks

This post won’t show any of my crochet creations but what I used to make them. I don’t have any pictures of my yarn right now, but I do have some pictures of my crochet hooks. I have one 12-piece crochet hook set that we ordered from

Crochet Hooks 1

Trey, or Gantsilyo Guru, also put this letter in along with the package:

Crochet Hooks 2

We are now ordering yarn and safety eyes from Gantsilyo Guru. My mom is planning to make a couple scarves as gifts for some relatives. Both my mom and I are getting serious about crocheting! 😀