The House of Bounce

In Squid’s and Stampy’s Quest series they started building a bouncy house in the shape of a pie. As of right now (when I’m making this post) I haven’t searched for how to make a bouncy house in Minecraft but I experimented and made this:

The House of Bounce 1

The House of Bounce 2

The House of Bounce 3

I put sticky pistons underneath the floor and put redstone in all the spaces left. The gold pressure plates on the floor would trigger the sticky pistons and make the blocks beside it raise. If you would sprint around the room, it would seem like you bounce.

Since I can’t film my playing Minecraft, I can’t show you what it looks like when you bounce, but hopefully you can just picture what jumping around the House of Bounce looks like.


Mushroom House

In Squid’s and Stampy’s “Quest to Kill the Ender Dragon” series, they built themselves a house made of mushroom blocks. When I tried making my own mushroom house, I couldn’t find the red and white or brown mushroom blocks that look like this:

Brown Mushroom Block

Red and White Mushroom Block

(I got these pictures from

To get the blocks (in Creative Mode) I used bone meal to grow the little mushrooms and added blocks to make them a house. Here is my completed mushroom cottage:

 Mushroom House 1

Mushroom House 2

Mushroom House 3


In one of Stampy’s series, he and Squid played on a parkour map called “The Final Contestant.” I wanted to play on a parkour map too, but when I tried downloading “The Final Contestant”, the site told me that the file was meant for Minecraft of the XBox 360. I only had a PC, so I couldn’t play on it.

I downloaded a map called “Parkour School” in which you had to complete a very long parkour course. The map maker somehow restricted you from flying of breaking and placing blocks, even when in Creative and Survival modes. I got frustrated because I couldn’t get past a certain part of the map, so I gave up and deleted the map.

I decided that I would just build my own parkour course. I haven’t completely finished it yet, but I will show you some pictures of the rooms I have completed already.

Parkour Room 1

Parkour Room 2

Parkour Room 3

Flying Pigs

In Stampy’s and Squid’s  Quest series that I mentioned earlier, they built a big flying pig in the air as a home for their pigs. When they were building it, they couldn’t decide whether to make the pig have wings, wear a jet pack, or have rocket boots on. In the end, they built it white wings. I liked the idea of the jet pack and rocket boots, though, and decided to make my own flying pigs in Minecraft. I made a pig with white wings, one with a grey jet pack, and another with rocket boots. Here are the photos I took:

Flying Pigs

Pig with Wings

Pig with Jet Pack

Pig with Rocket Boots

Stampy and Squid

Stampylongnose is the person who introduced me to Minecraft. I now watch his Minecraft videos on YouTube (his channel is in which he and his friends play Minecraft. I enjoy his Quest series, where he and his friend iBallisticSquid do lots of little quests. I made my own version of Stampy’s and Squid’s house in the Quest series. Here is a photo of it:

Squid and Stampy