Goodbye Kitties!

A few weeks ago we took all the four kittens to the vet, leaving the mommies behind at home. We were worried because Charlie was getting very thin compared to the others and he wasn’t eating solid food (he would just drink milk from the mommy cats). He, Kitkat, and Dot also had diarrhea. We wanted to deworm all of them as well, just to make sure that they wouldn’t get sick.

It took quite a while for the vet to examine them all because he looked at them one by one and they were already cranky from the car ride in the carrier. Charlie, Dot and Kitkat all had eye problems, which would be cured by some eye drops. Kitkat and Heather also had fever, even though Heather seemed perfectly healthy to me. Basically the vet told us to give the kittens three specific medicines that I won’t bother telling you about. He also said that at their age, the kitties were ready to be separated from their mothers.

We locked the mommies out ( 😦 ) because it would be easier feeding just the kittens. For less than a week we were able to feed the them solid food (they LOVED chicken lungs for some reason) and give them their meds. They pretty much hated the medicine, but it was for their own good.

Sunday (March 29) was the set date for giving them back to the mommies. We had to return them because for the past few nights TC and Aggie would just stick to our window and meow from outside. I also had to start reviewing for a big exam, and I wouldn’t really be able to study if there were four active kittens running around the house.

On Sunday we put the kittens in the front yard for the mommies to get them. The cats didn’t seem to be coming to the house soon so we used a kitten as “bait.” We showed a kitty to the mommies, who were in our neighbor’s yard, and then returned it (I really don’t remember who we brought) to its siblings. Soon the mommies came and greeted their babies for the first time in (about) five days.

The one problem, though, was TC and Aggie couldn’t seem to lift the kitties back to their little shed in our neighbor’s yard. We helped them by placing the kittens close to the shed, hoping that they wouldn’t wander into the road.

The kittens are now happily living with both their mommies next door. Sometimes we see them from our yard or from the road, playing with each other. They all look happy and healthy. Kitkat used to have these weird stains under her eyes, but the eye drops helped and now she’s the most beautiful kitten I’ve ever seen!


The Kitten Massacre (Part Two)

(Continuation of The Kitten Massacre Part One.)

Cole, Blackhead, Line, (which was what we had named the last three kittens I mentioned in this blog) and Stampy were lying on the ground. All four of them bloody. All four of them dead.

 So where were the other four kittens and the mommies? Agatha was with Heather inside the house. That left only three kittens and TC missing. Dad spotted Kitkat across the creek, hanging on for dear life on the stone wall. Now, the whole time Mom and Dad were looking from our back yard. The wall was too high to jump, so there was no way to the creek. No way to poor Kitkat. That is, no way across from our yard.

The wall separating our subdivision and the creek stretched past our house. Dad searched for a place where the wall was low enough and the ground was high enough so that he could jump over safely. Once he got to the riverbed, he walked until he was opposite of Kitkat. He waded through the water, picked the kitty up, and handed her to Mom, who was waiting in our yard.

That story explained how the two kittens and Aggie got here. It also said that four beloved kittens were gone forever. And that left Charlie, Dot, and TC missing. We could only assume the worst — that whatever had killed the four kittens had gotten the three cats too.

We suspect that maybe an animal lurking in the creek waters had attacked the litter in their sleep. Some of them weren’t able to escape. It was a miracle that Kitkat was able to hang on to the wall for so long.

To make things short, Aggie and the two kittens stayed at home with us. Eventually TC came, legs caked with dried mud. She brought none of the babies with her. Aggie would come and go often, until one time she brought in her mouth little Charlie. Charlie had survived! We didn’t know how or where she found him, but we were very thankful that he was with his mother and siblings now.

That night we began hearing meowing coming from the creek. TC and Aggie would sit on the wall staring down, but they never jumped down to check on what was possibly the last of the four remaining kittens. We looked for a kitten on the riverbed but couldn’t see one. We left the mommies there hoping that one of them would eventually jump down.

The next morning we heard the tiny meows again. I looked over the wall, not very hopeful that I would see anything out of the ordinary. However, I did see a kitten — tiny Dot sitting close to the water meowing for her mother!

Again, Aggie and TC watched from above, too traumatized to jump. After a long time of waiting, Aggie finally jumped down and somehow scaled the tall wall with Dot in her mouth.

All the remaining kittens are now safe in our house with both mommy cats. They are very energetic and happy now. I don’t know if they even remember what happened a few days ago. I wonder if they still look for their other siblings. Hopefully Aggie and TC learned their lesson and won’t ever bring the kitties to the creek again.

Rest in peace, Stampy, Cole, Line, and Blackhead.

The Kitten Massacre (Part One)

Several days ago, for no obvious reason, Aggie started moving the kittens out of the house. Soon TC began helping her until finally all eight of the kittens had been moved. Dad followed them and saw that they had moved to an old shed in our neighbor’s yard. He said that there was no need to worry because they had shelter under the shed. I was very disappointed because the cats had stayed here for so long that I thought that they had finally decided to stay here for good.

Our house happens to be right next to a creek. This creek is usually shallow and only overflows when there is a very strong storm. The day after the kitties moved house, James, our dog, was sitting next to the wall separating our house and the creek whining and looking very worried. I ignored it at first, but after some time of him staying in the same place I told Mom about him. When she looked over the wall she discovered Aggie and TC lying on the ground with several kittens. Now we know why James was whining.

I instantly knew that that was a bad move made by the mommies. Obviously the shed or our house would be safer for the babies. By the creek, there wasn’t any food or shelter (aside from a few branches and leaves of some plants). I had no idea why they would take the kittens there.

From time to time either TC or Aggie would come inside for food. They never brought a kitten with them, though. That is, until one day when I woke up, there were two kittens (Heather and Kitkat) inside! I was so happy because I thought that the mommies had started moving the kittens back. However, the looks Mom and Dad gave me suggested that the situation was worse than I thought.

Mom and Dad told me about how they had been woken up by Agatha moving Heather back in. They placed the kitten back outside but Aggie was insistent on getting Heather in. Soon Mom and Dad went to check on the kittens by the creek. They saw a horrifying scene.

Click here for part two.

A Big Ball of Yarn

Last week my mom and I found a scarf made from a type of yarn we’ve never worked with before in a store. We think it might have been arm knitted. Anyway, we bought it so that we could unravel it so that we could use it for a crochet project! We suspect it to be super bulky wool yarn. It alternates between blue and white, making a sort of striped pattern. We were able to make it into a giant yarn ball! Here are a few pictures of the ball:

Yarn Ball 1

Yarn Ball 2

The only problem was: What were we going to make with it? I wanted it to be cat-related, like a bed for the kitties or a cat toy. Mom agreed to make a little cat bed! We used a pattern that was meant for a small basket, but because of the super bulky yarn, it turned out quite big. (Sorry, I don’t know where Mom got the pattern.) We placed it down for the kitties to use and waited. The kitties love it! Here are a couple of photos of the cat bed (and one picture of the kittens loving it!):

Crochet Cat Bed 1

Crochet Cat Bed 2

Cat Bed with Cats 1

(S)Cattered Kittens

Today the kittens turn one month old! They are very adventurous now, so we really have to watch where we step because they keep on crawling out from under the sofa and exploring. Even TC is starting to panic. I think the kitties are getting heavier and the mommies are having a hard time lifting them because instead of carrying them they just drag them across the floor.

Also, we have thought of names for almost all of them. Only three kittens are left unnamed. The names we chose are Stampy (mostly white with some orange spots), Kitktat (mini-TC), Heather (mostly gray with some white), Dot (mostly white with one black spot on his back), and Charlie (white and black with black parts on his face so that he looks like he has a mustache.)

Agatha is being a naughty kitty today. She keeps moving one of the kittens behind a big office table or into a storage room away from TC and the other babies. This gray kitten keeps meowing and meowing, trying to escape out into the open area. I think he wants to go back to TC and his brothers and sisters, but Aggie just keeps carrying him back to her hiding place. Hopefully soon she’ll realize that he just wants to be with TC and the others.

The kitties are growing up! This is so exciting even if I have had experience with Mow as a kitten. I guess this is different because this is one whole litter and they’re very young. Also, if you readers have any suggestions on what to name the remaining kittens (they’re mostly grey or black with white patches), feel free to comment. I’d love to hear what you think.

Here are the kitten update pictures:

Kittens After One Month 1

Kittens After One Month 2

Kittens After One Month 3

Kitkat is the mini-TC on the right.

Additional info: Dad gave me the idea for the title of this post. When I was talking about the “scattered kittens” he said to call them “cattered” because they’re cats. 😀

Three Weeks!

Today the kittens turn three weeks old! Well, we’re not sure whether they were born on the same day as the first day we saw them, but I’m still counting that day (January 28) as their birthday.

I’m still a little worried because a couple of the kittens still seem to have their eyes closed even though their eyes are supposed to open after about one week (says the Internet.) But most of them are already so active and noisy, which I suppose is good!

Agatha is getting less and less of a scaredy-cat. She still doesn’t let me touch her for long, but she is starting to come out from under the sofa and rub against our legs if she’s hungry. Hopefully she’ll get over her fear of us soon.

I don’t really have anything else to say. I just wanted to celebrate the kittens turning three weeks old. (Whoop whoop!) So, without further ado, here are the kitten update photos:

Three-Week Old Kittens 1

Three-Week Old Kittens 2

Three-Week Old Kittens 3

In the second and third picture, Aggie is lying down on a separate rug. I guess she was taking a break from parenthood. 😉

The Closest They’ll Ever Get to An Argument

Today is the third day of the kittens’ stay! TC and Aggie haven’t moved them out of the house yet. They are very hungry kitties — they don’t seem to ever be satisfied. I guess you’ll always be hungry when you have eight kittens to feed! Once I even saw them nursing four kittens each, so I guess each cat doesn’t really nurse eight kittens at once.

The kittens are very active now. They’ve begun walking around and meowing like crazy. TC is the one carrying them back to the rug when they’ve wandered too far from the litter. One kitten, a mini-TC, is really noisy. He (I have no idea whether it’s a boy or a girl, but I’ll call it a he for now) seems to be the most adventurous of the babies. He wobbles around, meowing and meowing until TC goes over to him, picks him up by the scruff of his neck, and places him back on the rug.

This lunchtime, TC started looking around in our storage room bringing the mini-TC in her mouth. She placed the kitten in a really hidden place surrounded by boxes, but we could peek at them through the gaps between containers. We thought that that was TC’s way of saying, “Shut up or we’ll leave you all alone here!”

A few moments later, though, Agatha came out from under the sofa (she seems a lot braver today compared to yesterday), went to where TC and the kitten were, picked mini-TC up, and carried him back under the sofa. TC then carried the kitten back to the storage room, followed by Aggie! Aggie eventually left the room along with TC, leaving the kitten alone in the maze of the boxes.

We cleared a path for the kitten to go out through, but he stayed in his place. Soon Agatha came back for mini-TC and carried him to the rest of the litter.

After that scenario, I’m guessing that TC and Aggie don’t really fight over the kittens, but just let the other cat do what they want to the babies, and then continue doing what they were doing. (Does that make any sense?) So I think this would be the closest they’ll ever get to an argument.

Here are my kitten update pictures:

Aggie, TC, and Kittens 1

Aggie, TC, and Kittens 2

Aggie, TC, and Kittens 3

Sorry about the weird angle on the third picture. It’s really hard to try to hold a flashlight in one hand and hold the camera in the other hand at the same time.

The Kittens Are Back!

As I said in my previous kitten blog (Sad News), TC took her kittens away from our house once it stopped raining heavily. Well, this early morning was very rainy, and I woke up to the sound of a very high-pitched meow — too high-pitched to be Mow’s or even TC’s voice. When I got out of the bedroom I saw TC and one little grey kitten on a rug beneath our sofa.

I was so happy to know that TC had taken care of at least one of her babies. TC then got up and jumped out through the cat flap in the window. She soon came back carrying another kitten in her mouth. She did this several times, making a total of eight kittens on the rug! We didn’t even know she had so many kittens. We thought there were only three. I wondered how she could feed them all at once.

The eight kittens are mostly grey with some white parts on their legs. A couple are almost pure white except for some orange or grey spots on their head and back. One kitten stood out, though. It was black, not grey, with patches of white on its back.

The kittens have grown bigger since the last time we saw them. Some of them even have their eyes open already after two weeks. One grey baby was staring at us and watching us as we moved around the house.

I found this Wikipedia page very useful when learning about kittens. I’m just wondering why it’s already been two weeks yet some of the kittens haven’t opened their eyes yet. Maybe they’re just trying to sleep. I hope nothing’s wrong with them.

Here is a picture of TC’s eight babies (I wasn’t able to take a picture of TC and the kittens together):

The Kittens Are Back 1

Also, Mow saw the kittens but didn’t seem to care about them. Here he is, facing the opposite direction of the litter:

Mow Ignoring Kittens

These pages helped me to understand the development of kittens: (this site even has a program that can calculate your cat’s age in cat years!)


Agatha, another cat who we think is TC’s sister, came in this afternoon. She’s more of a scaredy-cat than TC is, so she just stood by the window for a while before jumping down and walking under the sofa towards the litter.

I thought that if those were TC’s babies, TC might get mad at Agatha (I call her Aggie). But they didn’t fight. Actually, they were sweet to each other. Aggie laid down next to the kittens, and TC seemed fine with it. Soon Aggie began nursing some of the kittens.

We think that TC only had three babies. Then Aggie might have given birth to another five. Maybe TC was taking care of both her and Agatha’s  kittens while Aggie was away. Later I noticed that the kittens Aggie were nursing were all either black and white or grey and white, just like Agatha’s grey and white fur.

Here is a photo of TC, Aggie, and their babies:

TC, Aggie, and the Kittens