Sad News

This morning when we woke up, we discovered that the kittens were gone. The box where they were was empty and even TC wasn’t here.

Mom and Dad think that TC hadn’t given birth in the house, but just brought the kittens in because it was raining. That explains why there wasn’t much of a mess when we discovered the litter and why the kittens were clean already. Since today it wasn’t rainy, we think that TC felt it was time to bring her babies back to wherever she feels safest (and without any humans constantly peering at her to see if she’s alright).

At first I was sad that TC had taken the kittens. Why would she go away if we had shelter and food for them? Mom said that maybe she just felt tense around us and wanted a more secret place to take care of her babies. Anyway, we can always feed her when she comes in the house for food.

TC did come back in the late afternoon. She looked fine and we fed her some of the sardines we usually feed Mow. I followed her when she went back out to see where she was hiding and saw her go into our neighbor’s yard. At least she lives close by and can easily visit us if she feels hungry.

Today was also the day I finished a crochet cat appliqué.  I like to think of it as a reminder of TC’s kittens. Lately I have been making so many little crochet projects. I’ll make a blog about them soon. I got the pattern from a site called Here is the link to the cat appliqué tutorial.

Crochet Cat Applique


Newborn Kittens!

Very early this morning Mom woke Dad up to look at something in the living room. I assumed that Mow had just brought in a live rodent or made a mess and we needed to clean it up. But a few minutes later Dad came in the room to wake me up, saying that there were four cats in the house. Usually there were two stray cats (whom we call TC and Agatha) aside from Mow that would come in at night to eat and sleep. I wondered why there were four cats and got up to look.

At first glance, I could only see TC sitting on the sofa. I found this strange because I was expecting to see all three cats in the living room. Mom and Dad told me to look for kittens, and when I took a closer look at TC, I saw one little kitten!

Two other kittens hid behind TC, making a total of four cats lying on the sofa. Apparently TC had been pregnant and had given birth that night while we were sleeping. Before, we had noticed that TC seemed to have a bigger stomach than usual but we thought that it might be worms.

We left them on the sofa for the rest of the early morning. Once it was brighter, we took clearer photos of TC and her kittens. Here are a couple:

TC and Kittens 1

Kittens 1

From time to time, TC would get up and leave the house. I guess she trusted us enough to leave her babies with us. She always came back and lay back down on the sofa next to the kittens. That morning she also would ask for food more often, meowing and rubbing against our legs until we gave her a plate of cat pellets. Luckily the pellets we had at the time were for kittens, so the nutrients she got from them would also be passed down to her babies.

 The kittens were lying right in the middle of the sofa, so we didn’t want to sit down there because of TC’s protectiveness. So, we searched the Internet about whether or not it would be safe to move the day-old kittens to a box and just point out to TC where they were. We decided that it would be safe to move them, as long as we didn’t handle them too much.

We prepared an empty box with some cloth at the bottom for warmth as the new “home” of the litter. We waited until TC left the house before Dad carefully lifted the kittens one by one into the box. They didn’t complain, and lay there until TC came in.

We pointed out to her the box, which was on the floor not far from the sofa. She just laid down on the sofa where her babies used to be and stared at us. As an effort to show her the kittens, we placed a plate of food inside the box. She looked but she didn’t step in the box. A few moments later she climbed up to the opening in the window and jumped out.

 While we wished and hoped that TC would come back and not just abandon her young, we placed the box with the kittens at the end of the sofa close to the window so that if TC came back, she would immediately see them.

TC did come back. She saw her babies and stepped in the box as we sighed with relief. As I type this TC is lying happily in the box with her three little kittens.

This is only day one of our caring for the kittens and so much has happened. I will continue to blog about them and will post if anything exciting happens. I do hope we could keep at least one kitten, but I wouldn’t want to part the siblings and I don’t know if my parents would agree to take in yet another pet. I guess we will just have to wait and see what will happen. As of now, I’ll just stick to hoping that the kittens will grow up healthy and that TC will take good care of them.

TC and Kittens 2