Spider Toaster

In Stampy and Sqaishey’s latest episode of Sky Den, they started building their “spioster.” (I think that’s how it’s spelled.) It’s basically a toaster with eight legs, so “spioster” is a mixture of “spider” and “toaster.” They built this for their Insect Island, even though they know that spiders aren’t technically insects.

Here is the Sky Den episode that I’m talking about:

I made my own version of their “spioster” in my Minecraft world. I used sandstone and brown wool to make the toast and wooden buttons for its eyes. The stone brick stairs kind of look like the spider’s jaws. Since it’s a toaster, I made it so that when you press one of its button eyes, bread pops out! Here are some photos:

Spider Toaster 1

Spider Toaster 2

Spider Toaster 3

The redstone lamps are supposed to look like the heated parts of the toaster.

Spider Toaster 4


Cobblestone Generator

In Stampy’s and Sqaishey’s Sky Den series, they made a cobblestone generator in such a way that the cobblestone wouldn’t be burnt by the lava. A piston would push out the cobblestone made, leaving space for the lava and water to mix, creating more cobblestone. The piston would stop pushing out blocks when the row of cobblestone was 13 blocks long.

Here is the video:

I made a similar contraption but changed the redstone a little bit to make the piston extend less often. I also used different materials to hold the lava and water. But aside from that, my generator is almost exactly the same as Stampy’s.

Here are the pictures:


Cobblestone Generator 1

Cobblestone Generator 2

Repeaters send the redstone signal along slowly and keep on repeating the loop


Cobblestone Generator 3

Cobblestone Generator 4

Sqaishey’s Songs

Just today I discovered that you can actually post videos from YouTube on WordPress! I think I’ll be using this very often now. Anyway, here are two videos I love. These are songs created by Sqaishey. She actually did all (well, most) of the music and sung the song!

Sqaishey made these videos to celebrate her getting 1,000 and then 50,000 subscribers. But as of today she has over 200,000 subscribers! A big, big congratulations to Sqaishey!

Hey, what a beautiful day!

Sqaishey’s Reply

Yesterday I blogged about the Sqaishey doll that I made. I asked my mom to post a photo of it on Sqaishey’s Facebook wall (using her account beacause I don’t have one) so that Sqaishey could see it. Today my mom showed me this:

Sqaishey's Reply

In the picture above, Sqaishey replied to the post saying “Woah, this is amazing.” I was so happy that she saw my work and that she even replied! When we looked at her Facebook wall, though, this is what we saw:

Sqaishey's Post

Sqaishey had created a post complimenting my “super cute Sqaishey Plushy Toy!” This made me even happier! This was the first time either Sqaishey, Stampy, or any Minecraft player and YouTuber had replied to the pictures we send them on Facebook.

I was so delighted that I had to share it on my blog. Sqaishey has inspired me to continue making my little crafts. A big, big thank you to Sqaishey!

Sqaishey Doll

Today I finished making a handmade Sqaishey doll! I got the idea of making one from the many stuffed duck toys I saw at the toy store.

Here are the photos I took:

Sqaishey Doll 1

Sqaishey Doll 2

I used felt cloth for the body, wings, legs, and face. The wings and legs are attached to the body by buttons sewn into the back of it, so they can be adjusted and removed. I used an old cloth as stuffing (although later we found out that we had proper stuffing hidden away in a box).

I think that this doll is actually the first doll I made from scratch and of my own design. I didn’t make it completely by myself, though. My mom helped me with the hard parts like perfecting the details and showing me how to stitch them in. Big thanks to you, Mom!

I’m planning on making other dolls like this, but of other people like Stampy and Squid. If I do make other dolls, I’ll be sure to post it here.