Spider Toaster

In Stampy and Sqaishey’s latest episode of Sky Den, they started building their “spioster.” (I think that’s how it’s spelled.) It’s basically a toaster with eight legs, so “spioster” is a mixture of “spider” and “toaster.” They built this for their Insect Island, even though they know that spiders aren’t technically insects.

Here is the Sky Den episode that I’m talking about:

I made my own version of their “spioster” in my Minecraft world. I used sandstone and brown wool to make the toast and wooden buttons for its eyes. The stone brick stairs kind of look like the spider’s jaws. Since it’s a toaster, I made it so that when you press one of its button eyes, bread pops out! Here are some photos:

Spider Toaster 1

Spider Toaster 2

Spider Toaster 3

The redstone lamps are supposed to look like the heated parts of the toaster.

Spider Toaster 4


Vote For Stampy Cat!

Today Stampy posted on his Facebook page that he had been nominated for a kids choice award. He was nominated as “UK favorite tipster.” Apparently a tipster is someone who “gives tips, especially about the likely winner of a race or contest, and especially for a fee.” Stampy doesn’t give tips for a fee, does he? (I’m starting to think that a tipster is bad. Hmm.)

Here is the link to the voting site: http://kca.nick.co.uk/. Click here to go to the exact page where you can vote for Stampy Cat. There is also another Nickolodeon site where you can vote. I think the UK site is better, though, because you can choose to skip some questions while in the main site you have to anwser all of the questions. Here is the site I’m talking about: http://www.nick.com/kids-choice-awards/

Congratulations, Stampy Cat! Good luck!

Mr. Stampy Cat

Cobblestone Generator

In Stampy’s and Sqaishey’s Sky Den series, they made a cobblestone generator in such a way that the cobblestone wouldn’t be burnt by the lava. A piston would push out the cobblestone made, leaving space for the lava and water to mix, creating more cobblestone. The piston would stop pushing out blocks when the row of cobblestone was 13 blocks long.

Here is the video:

I made a similar contraption but changed the redstone a little bit to make the piston extend less often. I also used different materials to hold the lava and water. But aside from that, my generator is almost exactly the same as Stampy’s.

Here are the pictures:


Cobblestone Generator 1

Cobblestone Generator 2

Repeaters send the redstone signal along slowly and keep on repeating the loop


Cobblestone Generator 3

Cobblestone Generator 4

Stampy Plushy

A few days ago I finished making a Stampy Cat plushy. I was not able to blog about it sooner because there was a storm here and our power was cut. Anyway, here are the photos:

Stampy Plushy 1

Satmpy Plushy 2

I made this with the same materials I used to make my Sqaishey plushy, except for the stuffing. Instead of using an old cloth, I used the proper stuffing that we found in a box.

I’m not sure if I’ll still make a Squid plushy, because we only have light blue but not dark blue felt, but if I do I’ll be sure to post it here.

The House of Bounce

In Squid’s and Stampy’s Quest series they started building a bouncy house in the shape of a pie. As of right now (when I’m making this post) I haven’t searched for how to make a bouncy house in Minecraft but I experimented and made this:

The House of Bounce 1

The House of Bounce 2

The House of Bounce 3

I put sticky pistons underneath the floor and put redstone in all the spaces left. The gold pressure plates on the floor would trigger the sticky pistons and make the blocks beside it raise. If you would sprint around the room, it would seem like you bounce.

Since I can’t film my playing Minecraft, I can’t show you what it looks like when you bounce, but hopefully you can just picture what jumping around the House of Bounce looks like.

Mushroom House

In Squid’s and Stampy’s “Quest to Kill the Ender Dragon” series, they built themselves a house made of mushroom blocks. When I tried making my own mushroom house, I couldn’t find the red and white or brown mushroom blocks that look like this:

Brown Mushroom Block

Red and White Mushroom Block

(I got these pictures from http://www.minecraftguides.org/huge-mushroom/)

To get the blocks (in Creative Mode) I used bone meal to grow the little mushrooms and added blocks to make them a house. Here is my completed mushroom cottage:

 Mushroom House 1

Mushroom House 2

Mushroom House 3

TNT Cannon

Today I built my first ever TNT cannon! I got the idea from one of Stampy’s mini-games in which players would blast themselves out of a big orca’s blowhole and into the sky using a TNT cannon. They would then try to land in colored hoops in water. I made my own cannon, and blasted myself into the sky a few times. I didn’t know how to cover up the redstone, so it might look a little messy. Here are some pictures of it:

TNT Cannon 1

TNT Cannon 2

TNT when set off

TNT when set off

Googlie Spawns

I have been working on a new map for a while now called Googlie Spawns. ‘Googlie’ is the word Stampy uses when talking about hostile mobs. Anyway, in this map, there are several rooms with dispensers that spawn googlies when you flip a lever. The googlies spawned differ depending on what room you are in. The rooms are leveled from easiest to hardest (I tried to sort it that way, at least) and so far I have built six rooms.

I’m not going to take a picture of each room, but here are some photos I took of some of the rooms:

Googlie Spawns 1

Googlie Spawns 3

Main Room

Googlie Spawns 2

Level 1: Zombies

Level 3: Skeletons

Level 3: Skeletons


In one of Stampy’s series, he and Squid played on a parkour map called “The Final Contestant.” I wanted to play on a parkour map too, but when I tried downloading “The Final Contestant”, the site told me that the file was meant for Minecraft of the XBox 360. I only had a PC, so I couldn’t play on it.

I downloaded a map called “Parkour School” in which you had to complete a very long parkour course. The map maker somehow restricted you from flying of breaking and placing blocks, even when in Creative and Survival modes. I got frustrated because I couldn’t get past a certain part of the map, so I gave up and deleted the map.

I decided that I would just build my own parkour course. I haven’t completely finished it yet, but I will show you some pictures of the rooms I have completed already.

Parkour Room 1

Parkour Room 2

Parkour Room 3